Robot Integration Of
3D Jelly Flower

Robot Integration Of
3D Jelly Flower

Leader Automation has successfully simulated the delicate and agile finger motions of artist through robots. From the graphic user interface, users can edit all kinds of flower patterns, including the number of pedals, the number of pedal layers, and their inclined angles. After setup, the robot will integrate peripheral systems to immediately and accurately start carving until the finish of the 3D jelly flower.

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Features of Product

Easy and simple to operate interface for editing all kinds of flower patterns

Automated integration of peripheral equipment, including dispenser and rotary table

Six-axis articulated robot for precision carving

Food ingredient teaching


The world's only and Taiwan's first independently developed robot integration of 3D Jelly Flower. Three to five times faster than manual carving enhances work efficiency, which increases value and profit, and improves work stability to reduce defect rate.

Exclusive customization service from Leader Automation for you to create uniqueness.

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