Robotic Bubble Tea Shop

Robotic Bubble Tea Shop

The machine can automatically perform the tea filling as well as the adding of sugar, ice, bubble, labeling and other tasks for the beverages. The procedure can be completed quickly, saving time, defect rates, and stabilizing the quality of the beverage. The "Robotic Bubble Tea Shop" not only provides a complete back-end production process, but also integrates the front-end intelligent ordering system to further improve the speed and quality of ordering.

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Features of Product

Intelligent ordering system provides beverage selection and payment (including coin, cash, mobile payment, invoice, QR code receipt)

Automatic integration of peripheral equipment including automatic cup supplier, bubble supplier, ice maker, fructose machine, juicemachine, beverage filling, film sealing machine, label printing, etc.

Can make 9 cups continuously at a time

Each beverage can choose the amount of sugar, ice, and whether to add bubble

Real-time information will be sent if there is any material shortage or malfunction: supporting Line, WeChat, text message or email, where the information regarding machine status can be sent to the vendors in real time or periodically

Backstage management system calculates all the records of consumption everyday (item, quantity, amount and time) and exports them to Excel file

With API communication function, can be connected with POS system