June 15, 2020

June 9 Changhua Country Magistrate came for visit

Magistrate Wang, Hui-Mei complimented on three hidden champions in Changhua Country.

News report :

There are many companies whose automation engineering is exclusive in the world. Today (9th of the month), Magistrate of Changhua Country, Wang, Hui-Mei came to visit LEADER Automation and listened to the introduction about how robotic arms make coffee by President Shi, Zheng-De . Magistrate Wang said she will plan a post-pandemic plan to attract young people to the place for their careers.

A cup of coffee is such good support for office workers for refreshing. With the trend of robotic works, coffee making shall also be automated and such automation shall be one option for buyers. LEADER noticed this trend and develops robotic arms that can deal with coffee making, making good quality coffees for office workers.

LEADER was established in 1988. In recent days the company dedicates to the development of unmanned coffee production and 3D jelly carving by robotic arms. The efforts received positive feedbacks from the catering business, and the export market of this type of machines is thus successful. President Shi, Zheng-De introduced the most popular robot machine of coffee vending and Magistrate Wang got an American coffee and coffee with LATTE arts after a series of operations. Magistrate Wang was amazed by the great functionality and complimented a lot.