Over the years, we have continuously developed and innovated technology to customize products. The company attaches great importance to service quality and has established an excellent professional image in the industry.

Robotic Coffee Shop

Taiwan's first independently developed Robotic Coffee Shop. Our automated operation enhances work efficiency and increases value and profit. Moreover, these efforts improve work stability and reduce defect rates.


Robotic Bubble Tea Shop

The machine can automatically perform the tea filling as well as the adding of sugar, ice, bubble, labeling and other tasks for the beverages. The procedure can be completed quickly, saving time, defect rates, and stabilizing the quality of the beverage. The "Robotic Bubble Tea Shop" not only provides a complete back-end production process, but also integrates the front-end intelligent ordering system to further improve the speed and quality of ordering.


Robot Integration Of 3D Jelly Flower

Leader Automation has successfully simulated the delicate and agile finger motions of artist through robots. From the graphic user interface, users can edit all kinds of flower patterns, including the number of pedals, the number of pedal layers, and their inclined angles. After setup, the robot will integrate peripheral systems to immediately and accurately start carving until the 3D jelly flower is finished.



According to customer’s demand of production and process need, we carry out equipment design, planning and system integration to create the maximum production benefit.

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